понедельник, 10 октября 2011 г.

Hey from university!

My lovely blog...I'm sitting now in university and updating....hmmm...can;t say nothing new...
Already had 2 classes...still have 3...=( Grrrrrr
So hungry and really wanna sleep....Last night me and Mitty went out.We were sitting in San Lorenzo restaurant and chilling with non-alcohol mojito and shisha with orange flavor.I could sit there for all day...but i can't.
My grandma arrived today in Cyprus.Just got call from my sister that she already here ;) awwwww
It's good to have someone from family here..cuz sometimes i really need it.And also she got some presents for me ;)
Hope you are doing well...i'm going to have some rest...check some blogs...then move to Debenhams for a lunch..and again have class ;)

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