понедельник, 14 ноября 2011 г.


Hello blog ;)What terrible day?????????/
Last nigh was quite and really warm..I was sleeping next to my baby ;)and i love it!
But woke up today in the morning and felt that it's gonna be a cold day!And yeah...it is!!!Hate it.I'm wearing oversize top and my hands are not cover at all :( damn bad!!!!
Ok.Enough about bad.I already had 2 classes!3 still on my way.And last one will finish more earlier...happy me ;)hihi So....will be not tired and can have a nice hallomi (cheese) dinner with a wine ;)awwwww
I love this life!Wish u all have a nice day!
Here u can see picture from Saturday night out.Will upload more...as soon as I'll be back home :))))

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