пятница, 18 ноября 2011 г.

18 of November.2011

Morning my blog and my lovely readers ;)
I just checked my dashboard and u made my day ;)Thanks for coming and visiting my blog!!!!!I love it <3
Yesterday all day was so fucking busy....i really liked it.I would love to have a plan for all of a week days ;) but suddenly it's not always busy as i want it.but today is also going to be a busy day!I'm studying till 3 p.m. then have to run to Debenhams store and buy some stuff for a house.....later on we are going to cinema...aha..u even don't need a guessing on which movie.Everybody's talk about it.Yeah...Twilight:Breaking Dawn.Fuck this day...i can't wait till 8 p.m. But it will be totally sick!!!!!I'm honestly jealous of some people who already seen it ......but don't even try to tell me even pieces of what's going on.......;))))

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  1. Пожалуйста напиши свой пост о фильме на русском, а то так ламово переводить)))