пятница, 25 ноября 2011 г.

25 of November 2011----Respect yourself!

I'm here just to say my opinion!PLEASE READ CORRECT..It's just MY OPINION! 
I don't know how...but some people getting my blog wrong!I'm so annoying of hearing that my blog is looks like this or this blog!Excuse me...what u r thinking of?????????/My blog...it's what i want to add in or write in!!!!Not your fucking business!Ur more then welcome to unfollow my blog...if u don't like it!I'm not telling to anyone to visiting and be a followers on my blog!
If i'm wearing same t-shirt as a girl next to me....do i look like her!!!Hellooooooooooooo....some people like to eat same food...so what?does it show u that i'm doing something same?!!!!

I'm writing about my life!My blog-my rules!Don't like---don't pressing on my blog link again!!!
I'm not going to write what u guys like.I'm writing everything whatever i want---NOT YOU!!!!!

Thanks to those 61 person who are reading me and liking what i'm doing!)))))

                                                      For those who r so smart.....

2 комментария:

  1. Иногда нужно выговориться..
    не обращай внимания на тех кому не нравится.
    пусть сидят и молчат.А если не нравится пусть не читают. главное ст те, кому ты нравишься. вот :)