среда, 23 ноября 2011 г.

What a good day!

Hey,r u okay?)))I'm fine.
My sister was here....she just left.We were talking about Spain.To be honest...we are planning go to Spain on 21st or 22nd of December!Me and Mitra in Spain...hot yeah?)))ahah
We still planning...it's not sure!but everything in our hand!
I'm going to watch Vacation in Mexico...58 episode...so exiting....it's only 2 episodes left!!! =( I'm gonna miss it 
Anw...let's forget about bad things.I'm gonna watch it and then we are off to San Lorenzo.Will smoke shisha and drink bellini (champagne with peach juice)Sound nice,yeah?)))
Tomorrow I'm not studying...and have to go to Zara.my baby's birthday next Monday...i wanna make a good present for him)))That's it for now...have a good evening to everyone ;)
                                                                            Right now:

                                      In those moments...better do not disturb me ;)ahahahah

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