понедельник, 19 декабря 2011 г.

19th Of December.2011

Good morning)))
All night couldn't sleep,cuz my boyfriend was so annoying......He couldn't sleep and was trying to talk all night with me..Grrrrrrrrr Decided do not be near in case if we are together and i'm planning to stay at his house!!))ahahah
University...university...Grrrr Second trouble in this day!Many times was telling that i hate Monday!!Repeating again HATE MONDAYS!! But next Monday will be special.Holiday here it is!!!)))))
Thinking to skip my last class...cuz I'll just die till finishing it!!!
Wishing you to have a good day and Holidays are closer and closer day by ;)
                                   Here you see few pictures from Mohombi concert!!!

                                                                Video:  Mohombi -Coconut tree

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