пятница, 2 декабря 2011 г.

Hapy Birthday Britney !!

Today Britney Spears celebrating her 30 year of birth!!))Wow!
Britney Spears is my favorite artists and one of the most talented performers of all time.
I think her music is the most entertaining because it is unpredictable… you never know what direction it is going. She sings song true to herself at a certain moment.
Britney may not be perfect. She may push the envelope from time to time. She may even kiss girls (which isn’t bad by the way!) but she is a good person, a great performer, an excellent songwriter, a talented artist, and my favorite artist out there. I am always gonna be a fan, because Britney is not just a person…she is an icon, a craze, and a style of music.

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