суббота, 17 марта 2012 г.

17 March 2012

                                 Hey guys )How is ur weekend going on?)))
I was sleeping today till 3 p.m. All night clubbing till  5 a.m. Last night was really amazing)We started at Rumors,then moved to Basement....I prefer music at Basement more Rumors...so...all night dancing i spent there)))

Today was a lazy day,i'm watching my serial....omg..I'm so addicted )))and i have 2 more episodes left.....:( Wishing to it longer...
Anw....football is starting in 1 hour.....even less...;) I so exited..cuz my baby Thiago finally recovered from his injury)I guess it would be more fun today)For me of course)
                                          Picture:last night outfit)Love my pinky pants ;)

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  1. ой а я думала с чем красные штанишки одеть) завтра покупать пойду, ты мне идею с майкой подкинула)
    а какая обувь можно узнать?)