среда, 21 марта 2012 г.

21st of March 2012

                                         Hello my dears)I made a quick break for a blog)
U know i'm always posting something every day..but yesterday was a bit long day and a nervous!lol
I was studying all day yesterday.At the end of my classes,i had just 1 hour to go and get some food.Wednesday all shops working till lunch time in Cyprus.I was sure i couldn't do it before lunch) nd i was happy to get everything what i needed last night)

And i got a problems with internet signal....couldn't watch Barcelona match!:( And my baby was playing full game...what a bad luck :( Ohhhh....
Today will be relaxing day,a bit studying....i have exams next week.Time for a lunch now.What u up 2?)))
                                            I stole a shirt from my police friend)Like it?)))

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