среда, 9 ноября 2011 г.

Some information about me!

1.How did i got “Ashleez” as my nickname??????- I’m in love with Ashlee Simpson style and i wanna have a piece of her in my name…so I decided it’s gonna be “ASHLEEZ” (before i was planning to be “Ashleek” but prefer “Z” more ) 

2.My parents are divorced, but my mom and dad has family) Also i have step-sister from my dad’s wife )

3.I’m studing in Cyprus…and not sure what i’m going to do after  .I’m living with my best friend now.

4.I have relationship,but not serious….cuz I’m afraid to have something serious   right now. (Had bad experience in my life)

5. My aunt  living in Cyprus, but we are not seeing each other so often…cuz we are so different;)

6. I have difficult character and i like fighting to much) Sorry my friends)

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  1. Hi Christa!
    I came across your page recently and I am really enjoying it! Just decided to share it (for you to know)!
    I like how you write about various small moments of your everyday life :)
    Life consists of pictures of moments - the same like your blog!